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Tony Perez, national Missing Middle Housing expert, to speak in Des Moines April 20

Here We Grow is teaming up with the Polk County Housing Trust Fund and AARP Iowa to host Missing Middle Housing expert Tony Perez in Des Moines.

Perez will speak at the 2023 Affordable Housing Week Symposium the morning of April 20 at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. Registration is now open for the event and we encourage you to save your spot by signing up free at

This year's Affordable Housing Week Symposium focuses on sensible solutions to increase housing supply in Greater Des Moines.

If we want housing in our community to be more affordable, we need to reduce barriers and adopt policies to increase the supply and diversity of housing being built. More and more cities are reconsidering their land use and development policies with an eye on meeting the demands of today's market. We will explore how even modest reforms to policies and zoning—together with regional collaboration—open up new housing choices that are desirable and attainable for people and families across the region.

Across the country, housing advocates at all levels are working to enable Missing Middle Housing. MMH is a range of house-scale choices ranging from duplexes, fourplexes, cottage courts and courtyard buildings, all fitting within detached house neighborhoods. These types that were once routinely part of neighborhoods are often left out of the conversation about housing types allowed to be built in our communities. National Missing Middle Housing and form-based zoning expert Tony Perez will introduce us to this type of housing and explain how cities across the U.S. are making practical changes to zoning and land use policy to unlock this option and offer more housing choices in our community today.

Following Tony’s presentation, a panel of local experts will offer additional insights and ideas about focusing local policy and collaboration on creating the housing supply our region needs.

Remember, you can sign up free to save your spot at Thank you to AARP Iowa for making this year's symposium possible. Learn more about all of the 2023 Affordable Housing Week events at


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