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National planning association, league of cities release new housing playbook

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The National League of Cities and American Planning Association have released a new Housing Supply Accelerator Playbook focused on summarizing strategies local governments and partnerships can use to increase housing supply. We recommend downloading a free copy now.

From the press release announcing the new publication:

"The U.S. is short nearly four million housing units. As cities, towns, and communities grapple with the ongoing housing crisis, the American Planning Association (APA) and the National League of Cities (NLC) released the Housing Supply Accelerator Playbook: Solutions, Systems, Partnerships. The playbook is a game-changer — designed to inspire actionable strategies to generate diverse, attainable, and equitable solutions for addressing the housing supply crisis within our communities.

"The Housing Supply Accelerator Playbook is a roadmap for communities to effectively navigate their housing supply challenges. Recommendations for collective actions, system changes, and solutions were collected over the past year during nationwide convenings that dove into key drivers of the nation's local housing supply challenges — construction, finance, and land use. These convenings brought together everyone who plays a part in advancing the nation's housing supply — local government officials, community planners, builders, financial institutions, real estate professionals, housing policy associations as well as state and federal partners."


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