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Come and tour Des Moines' newest Accessory Dwelling Unit

Local housing nonprofit HOME, Inc. has graciously invited the public to tour a new accessory dwelling unit (ADU) just completed in Des Moines' Oak Park neighborhood. Come and see this new housing option Wednesday, December 14 from 4:30 to 6:00 pm at 1007 Euclid Avenue in Des Moines.

An accessory dwelling unit is a smaller home that shares a lot with a larger single family home. They help provide new housing options that fit well in established neighborhoods.

The City of Des Moines recently legalized construction of ADUs across the majority of residential land, giving more homeowners the choice to add this housing option to their property.

If you go: The ADU is most easily accessed from the alley that runs between Euclid Avenue and Clinton Avenue. Recommended parking is on 9th Street, 11th Street, or Clinton Avenue (one block north of Euclid Avenue). To respect neighbors, please do not try to park in the alley itself.


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